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A Thank-you Letter from Japan YWCA
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 【On December 17,the main leaders of Japan YWCA wrote to the National Council of YWCAs of  China, expressing their gratitude and feedbacks for the “Nanjing Peace Pilgrimage” held from December 12 to 15 in Nanjing.】


Dear Ms. Jin Wei, President
Dear Ms. Yang Mingming, General Secretary
National Committee of YWCAs of China,


We are writing to inform that all members from Japan who attended the Nanjing Peace Pilgrimage safely arrived home on 15th December. We deeply thank President Jin Wei, General Secretary Yang Mingming, Reverend Li Enlin, president of Nanjing YWCA, and all the members of the National Committee of YWCAs of China, for your warm hospitality and excellent programs. During the journey, each one of the participants from Japan were blessed with the joy of meeting you, as well as a valuable opportunity to face up to our history, to set our eyes on a hopeful future, and to realize our responsibilities for the future.

We are extremely grateful for the extraordinary efforts of the National Committee of YWCAs of China, without which it would have been impossible to hold this program during such a “cold time” between China and Japan. We would like to express our respect and gratitude to the huge efforts and efficient work of each one of the sisters in the National Committee of YWCAs of China, including rearrangement of the contents and members one month before the program according to the participations from Japan.

We also thank all the participants from all over China for their active participation in the program, and their kind, friendly attitudes which made us feel as close as old friends in only four days.


Yours sincerely, and with gratitude,


Reiko Suzuki, Chair of the Board of Directors
Naoko Matano, President
Midori Sugimura, “Nanjing Peace Pilgrimage” Committee Chair
Mikako Nishihara, General Secretary


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